Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cucumber Salad

I shop at Trader Joe's perhaps too much -- ingredients that I got there are indicated by (TJ).

3 small "Persian style" cucumbers (TJ), sliced thinly
1.5-2 T Fage Greek yogurt, nonfat (TJ)
Juice and zest of one key lime
Tiniest drizzle (maybe .5 tsp?) olive oil (TJ)
Fresh mint, chopped as finely as you can (TJ)
Fresh dill, ditto
Sea salt and black pepper (freshly ground, of course!) to taste (TJ)
Optional: dash of red sumac, which can be found at Middle Eastern grocers

Mix all dressing ingredients. Add cucumbers. Refrigerate. Eat.

Substitutions and additions: lemon juice/zest instead of lime would work, keeping in mind that you only need a little bit (probably half a small lemon); parsley would be a nice addition; obviously you could use fatty yogurt, but 1. the Fage 0% is very thick and delicious and you won't notice the difference except for the fact that 2. light is good for a salad like this, it tastes better.

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