Sunday, November 27, 2005

Our First Restaurant Review

Gustav's (near Washington Square)

The wait was a little long, but not overly so for a Saturday night. We started off with fondue and pretzels with mustard. I didn't like the fondue too much, actually, because it wasn't like the fondue I am used to (of course, it is probably more like fondue is supposed to be). The pretzels were average, but the mustards were quite a treat. I had a bit too much in one bite, and thought for a minute that I was maybe possibly going to die.

For dinner I had the Sausage Trio, accompanied by the Beer Sampler. Verily, I felt as though I was being feasted by my ancestors in the very halls of Valhalla*. The Beer Sampler featured five German beers in tiny steins!!!!! each of which was quite nice on its own and which together created a magnificent harmony. The Sausage Trio was well-balanced, and I was, at the end, unable to decide which of the three offerings (bratwurst, chicken weisswurst, and... oh crap, a smoked one, the name of which has escaped me) was my favorite. The accompaniments were perfect, as well -- grilled onions, saurkraut, braised red cabbage, and German potato salad. Simple, yet well done.

Overall 4 stars out of five. I would return.

*Or something more German. Whatever.

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