Friday, March 11, 2011

What I ate today

Breakfast: beef jerky (home made) with pasture butter, a pear, and two "primal bites."

I had an apple mid morning.

Lunch: Chicken caesar salad, no croutons and no cheese. Dressing I'm sure has non-primal stuff in it but for going out to the barbecue place that slathers everything in sauce and has only battered / deep fried sides, I felt like I did okay.

When I got home from work, knowing dinner will take a while, I had a slice of bacon and a tiny tangerine.

Dinner will be pot roast (beef with onions and herbs) with baked acorn squash (with pasture butter and sage) on the side. I might make baconnaise slaw, too. More veggies are definitely needed.

Tomorrow I'm planning a "cheat" day to bake bread with a friend.

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